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“The first was for himself. The second for his country. This time it’s for KO2!”

On past form Jon was immediately the favourite for the third Birmingham tournament, with Mark the only realistic challenger. Next it was a battle of the KOBRA trio, Gaz, Simon and Steve – who can each beat the other on their day. This was Pete’s first tournament in over 2 years so he was bound to be a bit rusty – but we hope he’ll become a regular too!

V Jon

I took something from both my defeats against Jon. The first game was actually very tight but like all the best players he has few extra gears than me and pushed ahead to win 5-2. Our second tie was certainly a game of two halfs. At half-time I was losing 0-5, but the second I scored 5 against his 2, but the overall score was 7-5 to the champ! 8) Well done mate for taking the title under extra pressure!

V Pete

My first ever game against Pete was so tight. Pete even mentioned that this game had 0-0 written all over it. Fortunately a routine corner goal got me the lead and I went on to win 2-0. I managed to win the re-match 3-1 which again was close. Imo Pete is a very decent player and if he can sharpen his shooting skills the goals and points will follow in no time.

v Steve E

No more Mr NiceGuy!! Until last night Steve hadn’t beat me in a tournment and he then beat me in both games, 1-2 and 3-4 !! I don’t wish to knock his victories but he’d clearly slipped the referree some £s, he persistently hacked down my players, including when clean through, and the ref gave sweet FA. In the second game two of my players went off injured (after my subs had been made) and so two dead-legs came back on (players that run at <25% speed) that I was better off without!!! (Must make a point about this in the wishlist later!). To add insult to injury, due to the slowness of my player I lost possession which directly lead to Mr Not-so-nice’s winning goal!  Amid all of this Stevio kept his KOOHL and was my most improved player of the night!!! Well done – you swine!

v Mark B

Mard had a 100% record against me so I was delighted to claim a 3-3 draw. Mark and I differ in our views on auto-slides and when Mark scored his third goal as a result of my key defender going awol through a slide-tackle, Kobraman was momentarily awoken! Scoring two late goals I felt my point was kobra karma at work but more than that, Mark realised that I had severely dented his title hopes. So he had a score to settle: 0-10! Ouch!! Payback or what and I remember him saying midway through the game this is gong to be “operation demoralisation”. It was! He ruthlessly and repeatedly found his front man with a lob pass and comfortably trap and moved around my keeper. I didn’t feel able to defend that goal! Foolishly I didn’t change my tactics throughout but when he did a slide tackle to deck two of my defenders and in the same move tap the ball past my hapless keeper, I knew this was a match to write off! Nice one Mark on solidly taking the second place and pushing Jon even further!

V Simon

Me and Si share a KO2 history as old as the game itself and so neither likes the taste of defeat against each other. In fact both matches were tied at 2-2. In the second Si took a 2-1 lead with a smart free-kick only for me to do exactly the same. An unstoppable, fast but very low curling shot that smashed into the back of the net – ROCKET!!!! Never done that before!  A sweet moment for me to savour in what was a challenging night!

Thanks to everyone who making the effort to attend – much appreciated – hope you enjoyed it more than I did. Nah, I can take the rough with the smooth and as with most KO tourneys there’s always highs and lows and plenty of magic moments along the way.



Pete S,1,Mark B,8,
Garry C,2,Jon G,5,
Simon K,1,Steve E,1,

Garry C,2,Pete S,0,
Simon K,1,Mark B,5,
Steve E,1,Jon G,5,

Pete S,2,Simon K,2,
Steve E,2,Garry C,1,
Jon G,6,Mark B,4,

Steve E,4,Pete S,0,
Jon G,4,Simon K,0,
Mark B,3,Garry C,3,

Pete S,1,Jon G,5,
Mark B,4,Steve E,1,
Garry C,2,Simon K,2,

Mark B,6,Pete S,1,
Jon G,7,Garry C,5,
Steve E,0,Simon K,2,

Pete S,1,Garry C,3,
Mark B,5,Simon K,4,
Jon G,6,Steve E,4,

Simon K,5,Pete S,2,
Garry C,3,Steve E,4,
Mark B,4,Jon G,4,

Pete S,0,Steve E,5,
Simon K,4,Jon G,7,
Garry C,0,Mark B,10,

Jon G,8,Pete S,0,
Steve E,1,Mark B,5,
Simon K,2,Garry C,2,


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