Great to have the KORA crew (Sid, Mark and Hadyn from the Kick Off Reading Association) attend as well as meet Steve E making his KOA debut last night, it was the biggest and best KOBRA yet. After the first one, I thought playing 424/532 was like offering myself to the lions so I purposely opted for LOCKOUT! This is how my games went:

V Haydn H

My first game of the night, feeling surprisingly nervous, I lost a dissatisfying 0-4. Our return game later in the evening was much tighter and I felt much better about a narrow 1-2 defeat.

v Simon K

My second game,despite continuing to play badly, was one of my highlights – a 4-1 demolotion of my nemesis, Simon K. I remained undefeated against my sparring partner of old with a 2-2 in our second leg, after equilising with literally the last kick of the game! My player didn’t even have time to celebrate before the whistle blew!!   This was my revenge for KOBRA I when Si scored a winning injury time free kick goal against me.

v Steve E

Perhaps because it was Steve’s first KOA tourney I put pressure on myself to win this one. Incredibly tense, incredibly close, only a corner routine goal got me a valuable 1-0 win. (Sorry mate!) Thankfully our rematch was more comfortable with a 3-1 win for me. Having so many defeats is always tough but I know from speaking with Steve, he’s taking the long view and is even more determined to improve his game – I know it wont be long!

v Mark B

Although LOCKOUT reduced the effectiveness of the over-the-top pass, Mark B used some quality trap and move dribbling to unlock my defence and in the end managed a 5-2 victory over me. Once again, our rematch was much closer and only an injury time winner for Mark clinched his 4-3 victory that including two fiendish kick off lobs.

v Sid (Superman v Kobraman!)

Both games we close and very enjoyable.  First match looked like it could be ending goalless but superman used his powers to take a narrow 1-0 win. Fortunately kobraman struck back in the return match and he was pleased hold the super hero in a 2-2 draw.

v Jon G

Tournament favourite, I was wondering how he’d deal with my reinforced defence. easily, it turns out, winning first 5-0 and then 5-1 in the second, where I enjoyed my 15 seconds of fame briefly leading the champ 1-0.

Match of the Day!

Sid 6 Jon G 7

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have a tie this round so had the pleasure of watching this incredible battle. This was a true anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better 13 goal thriller! Goal after goal hit the back of the net: 1-0, 1-1, 2-2, 2-2 etc etc on and on it went, with plenty of exceptional finishing by both players!!  If this was on dvd, I’d get it!

Shock of the Day!

Simon K 5 Jon G 3

Still trying to work this one out ? There’s obviously something about Si’s game that unsettles Jon (know how he feels  haha)  and even their second round tie ended 1-1. Well played Si!




Mark B,4,Garry C,3,
Steve E,0,Simon K,4,
Haydn H,4,Mandhir S,2,
Steve E,0,Jon G,6,
Haydn H,4,Garry C,0,
Mandhir S,4,Simon K,4,
Haydn H,4,Mark B,1,
Mandhir S,6,Jon G,7,
Simon K,1,Garry C,4,
Mandhir S,2,Steve E,2,
Simon K,2,Mark B,4,
Garry C,1,Jon G,5,
Simon K,2,Haydn H,4,
Garry C,1,Steve E,0,
Jon G,9,Mark B,4,
Garry C,0,Mandhir S,1,
Jon G,5,Haydn H,1,
Mark B,4,Steve E,1,
Jon G,1,Simon K,1,
Mark B,4,Mandhir S,8,
Steve E,0,Haydn H,4,
Garry C,2,Mark B,5,
Simon K,6,Steve E,1,
Mandhir S,2,Haydn H,4,
Jon G,6,Steve E,0,
Garry C,1,Haydn H,2,
Simon K,1,Mandhir S,5,
Mark B,2,Haydn H,3,
Jon G,9,Mandhir S,1,
Garry C,2,Simon K,2,
Steve E,1,Mandhir S,4,
Mark B,5,Simon K,3,
Jon G,5,Garry C,0,
Haydn H,3,Simon K,2,
Steve E,1,Garry C,3,
Mark B,0,Jon G,2,
Mandhir S,2,Garry C,2,
Haydn H,2,Jon G,6,
Steve E,2,Mark B,7,
Simon K,5,Jon G,3,
Mandhir S,3,Mark B,4,
Haydn H,3,Steve E,0,


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