KOOHL 0 - Online results

Buoyed by recent JFF and Tournaments at Planet KOBRA and armed with a few nuggets of how to do online via the SWOS guys, Steve decided to host a tournament…of the online variety!


Will it be unlucky for some?

Due to two users awaiting adaptors for their joysticks, the online friendly tournament will be…

Friday 13th April 2007

Timetable of events
20:00GMT – Live Draw
20:30GMT – Games will commence

2 Groups of 4

Winner of GroupA will play Runner up of GroupB
Winner of GroupB will play Runner up of GroupA

Semi Finals over 2 Legs

Final (one game)


Every round will be one off…apart from the Semi Finals which will be 2 Games with the final aggregate score being used.


    * 5 Minutes each way.
    * Should a player lose connection in the first half, the game will be started again
    * Should a player lose connection in the second half, you will replay the second half, using the score from the end of the first half.
    * PBD can be played on or off – upto the user to choose what he wants – or a prior agreement with both players.
    * 3 Points for a win

7 thoughts on “rewind – koohl online tournament. So it began…

  1. “I’m looking forward to see how Steve plays tonight….
    However Gaz and Mark have the best and closest opportunity to get a sneak peak prior to the KOBRA II tournament on how our newest opponent plays….advantages!” – Sid

  2. “1-1 in the final with Alkis. Extra time required but he’s having a pee first.

    Not sure how that would go down in a world cup final. I wondering if he’s off for some performance enhancing agents? ” – Bounty Bob

    “Lost 3-1 after extra time. Auto slide penalty and then he scored a proper goal too, so no complaints.” – BountyBob

  3. “I liked it a lot. It was a real challenge with the terrible pings I had this evening, I only managed under 90 in the final’s extra time.

    First game:
    It was good for a warm up, Philipp told me that he had only played about 20 games of Kick Off 2 in his life. After scoring 6 goals in the first half I decided to give the guy a break.

    Second game:
    Very tense match, I took an early 2-0 lead but Garry equalized just before half time. In the second half we both tried to avoid defensive mistakes as best as we could. A crucial moment was with 30 seconds on the clock when Garry was open for the equalizer and the screen froze for 2 seconds, possibly making him miss!

    Third game:
    Extremely close, they can’t get much closer than that. It is fair to say that Mark missed the best chances in both halves. The unsynch problems were half annoying and half hilarious… we kept messaging each other to find out whether we were playing the same game! After repeatedly failing to play a proper extra time in synch, we decided to set the options at 2×3 mins and play a silver goal kind of game. The game started and I was tackled in the box – penalty! I pressed F11 in agony and asked “Penalty?”, to make sure that we were in synch. After a few seconds Mark said ‘yes’ and then ‘I considered saying no for a second’ After my 2nd goal, there simply wasn’t enough time for him to come back.

    After winning the first KOA tournament ever, I was honored to also win the first KOA Online tournament. And against a Mark again, too. ” – Alkis P

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