ko2 bd card

KORA, LOKO, and EAKO – bewarned: the KOBRA is coming…. we might just be witnessing the dawn of a new era, the emergence of a new…regional… KO2 super power!

KOBRA=Kick Off Birmingham Registered Association

In the end the four of us formed KOBRA I. BenG was unable to come at the last minute and SteveE has just emailed me having genuinely thought it was happening tonight. (I know he’s disappointed as he really was up for it – definately next time mate!).

Still this was no bad thing, considering it was my first time at hosting. Like my gameplay KOBRA’s wheels are not running smoothly just yet… but it’ll come!

Although neither Jon nor Steve had played KO2 for some time, I knew they were both very good players, and so just hoped to pick up some tips from them. Me and Si, sparring partners of old, our games are usually very open, with both sides having plenty of chances to win it. My real challenge for the night was to try to finish higher than Si

Anyway the tourney started very well for me with a 3-0 win against my rival!  Strangely I didn’t play very differently to my other games, it was just the goals went in for me. Some games they do, but most they don’t… KO2 can be strange like that!

My first game against Steve, I was very much against the wall and my keeper repeatedly kept me in the game. Steve, I’m sure, would agree that he took a few games to find his shooting boots again. Lucky for me the match stayed 0-1 until with about two minutes to go I go an equiliser. Being the rookie that I am, I then opted for Lock-out for the remainder of the game and clung on! I quickly entered this result into BBob’s great fixtures program so for 15 seconds (before entering Jon’s second result) I WAS TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

Then I returned to reality when I played JonG with a 0-5 defeat although if I remember rightly I hit the woodwork 2 or 3 times that game. JonG proved his worth as the night’s champion with solid defending and some very assured finishing, especially as a result of some great wingplay.

Next, came a turning point for me against my arch nemesis. I again took the lead against Si, had chances to extend it but didn’t take them. Then, horror of horrors, I “give away” an auto-slide penalty!  Si duly converted and in the dying seconds of the game I desperately but deliberately took out his striker just outside the box (hoping he wouldn’t do much with the free kick). What do you know, in injury time, the f**ker then floats the perfect ball over my wall, bending well away from my keeper and into the net!!!! 1-2 I lose! Still I’d much rather be beaten by a beauty than a non-goal any day!

A serious sub-saharan goal drought then followed – the next four games without a goal!! Meanwhile both Jon and Steve really hit their stride giving an excellent demonstration of some clinical finishing. I distinctly remember my 0-8 against Steve who was on fire at that stage!!

And, finally, when I played Si, my gameplay was completely in pieces. Every time I went to trap the ball, it’d fly off, conceeding possession cheaply, and despite getting into good positions in the final third I’d all too frequently mis-trap the ball out for a goal kick!!!! Grrhh!!

So, although you wouldn’t think it, looking at the results, I’m sure I have improved over the three tournaments I played. I was disappointed not to score more goals than I did. 0.67 GpG wtf!! Still, I’ve a better idea of the areas in my game play that I’d like to work on (save that for another thread!).

And as I’ve said above I nevertheless enjoyed hosting my first tourney. Meeting up and renewing our KO2 ties was the main event for me, and even though it might not feel like it right now, hopefully, as Rob pointed out above, bit by bit, I’m slowly becoming a better player as a result!


SimonK 0 GarryC 3
JonG 3 SteveC 2

GarryC 1 SteveC 1
SimonK 1 JonG 4

GarryC 0 JonG 6
SteveC 6 SimonK 1

GarryC 1 SimonK 2
JonG 5 SteveC 2

SteveC 5 GarryC 0
SimonK 3 JonG 6

SimonK 4 GarryC 0
SteveC 2 JonG 4

SimonK 1 SteveC 2
JonG 5 GarryC 0

GarryC 0 SteveC 8
JonG 8 SimonK 1

SteveC 6 SimonK 2
GarryC 1 JonG 3



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